Monday, April 5, 2010


Our Easter fun started last week at BMamama's house. They had Easter baskets full of goodies for the kids and a yummy dinner. Mamama is going to visit the Malones in Scotland for 3 WEEKS! That will be fun but we will miss her.

On Friday afternoon we drove down to Shiner. She's wearing my old nightgown.

Riley said she was going to eat William's jellybeans and save hers.

William had fun with his cousins.

My sister's kids Becca (6) and Tyson (3) are so sweet to William and Riley. They are always so happy to see each other.

I kind of wish I had a 6 year old.

Aunt Boo!

My cousin Michelle's son, Cameron.

Easter Egg Hunt!!! She had fun and got lots of eggs!

Becca and Riley day 1 of matching dresses.

Mom offered to watch ALL FOUR kids while we went to Mi Casa. NBD.


When we got back they were cleaning.

Playing under the bed...

Before this move, Tyson was standing up on the side of crib. Quite the stunt man.

After this jump, Riley said "My turn!" And the kids were redirected to the kitchen for a snack.

Fixing each other's hair.

I love this picture so much. Becca and Tyson fell asleep within minutes of Mom sitting down (with the tv blaring.)


You're probably not supposed to take pictures in church but she looks so cute sitting in the pew.

Thus begins the funny smiling. She's really trying hard. I think it's kind of cute.

And my Ibie... such a handsome little guy.

In front of church...

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  1. Wow- Ibie looks just like you and your dad!!!!!!!! Crazy! He is so big now, too!

    I also loved Riley's hand on Becca's bum during church.