This chart was taken from Simply Charlotte Mason- a wonderful resource for books and life in general.

Early Years Chart

Subject 3 Years Old 4 Years Old
Habits Habits Training
Outdoors Outdoor Free Play and Exploration
Read-Alouds (See suggested list.) (See suggested list.)
Beginning Reading Learn letter names and sounds Practice identifying the beginning sound of words; learn vowels are a, e, i, o, u
Copywork Trace upper-case letters with finger in sand, rice, or air Write upper- and lower-case letters with felt-tip marker on wall chart or poster board on wall
Math Counting by rote One-to-one correlation in counting
Handicrafts (Select from Handicrafts and Life Skills list.)
Art Display large prints of great artists, one at a time. Tell artist’s name if child is interested. (Or can join with older siblings/students for picture study.)
Music Play the works of great composers, one at a time, in the background during meals or driving. Tell composer’s name if child is interested. (Or music study.)
Poetry Read poetry aloud together at least once a week. Some poetry books are listed in the Read-Alouds. (Or can listen while you read poetry to older siblings/students.)
Bible Read aloud the great stories of the Bible. (Or can listen to and participate in older siblings/students’ Bible readings and Scripture Memory.)