Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Toni

Yesterday we met up with my friend Tara and her kids at the mall. Tara and I were preggers together at Wimbish. I don't know what I would have done without her last year. You could say that Ibie and Anna Rose have been friends from the very beginning. Luke is one year older than Riley and they have lots of fun together. Luke and Anna are so sweet and cute!!

I thought these shoes were so cute! They're just like Billy's but for boys! Ibie will definitely need these.

Stand still traffic on I35 at 1:30pm?!?! No night-night!!

Doodlebug at Rudy's eating cheetos and ribs. She calls it Rudy's Tacos because she likes their breakfast tacos on Saturday training days.


Ha ha ha!! So cute! I had to get a picture of him being still.

Ibie's practicing sitting up by himself. He likes the block from Aunt Carol. :)

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  1. Ibie looks so big!!!!!!!! He is such a baby now and not an infant- I can't believe it! I HEART him already!! I am seriously in awe...I think I was still picturing precious!