Saturday, March 27, 2010

Stupid Picasa

Stupid Picasa won't let me email these pics so I had to blog them four at a time. Now blogger isn't letting me left align my text. Ugh. Well at least Verizon fixed our internet and I finally took some pics with Billy's camera since I dropped mine with the zoom lense out.
There are four new posts below this one + a short video of William who finally likes taking a bath. William now has this little inside joke going with me. Whenever I warm up his bottle or turn on the fan for naptime, he looks me in the eye and gives me a great big grin. Almost like "I know what's next!" He thinks he's SO SMART. He's right.

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  1. Josh and I were admiring Ibim....he is not at all McCord- very Britsch. Love him!!

  2. cute new pics!!! i need to email you and mere the pics of riley and blair from last weekend! i will be getting those to you in the next few days!

  3. What a cutie Becky! Sure do miss you! How are y'all doing!?! We need to see you all soon!~Julia