Wednesday, March 3, 2010

William Eats

Ibim Frog is 4 months old and is eating cereal! We all came to the conclusion that a little cereal wouldn't hurt anything since he's pretty active for 4 months, doesn't nurse consistently, and doesn't sleep much.

Honestly, I'm feel guilty that I'm just now posting these pictures. Does that make me a bad blogger or a bad mommy? I think just a bad blogger since the main reason I haven't blogged is because I'm usually holding him. Cereal is NBD for sweet William. He likes it. And Smiley Jane also likes feeding him. How does a post about your second child always turn into a post about your first?!?! I've recently noticed that Riley and William are happiest together. Riley pokes, squeezes, and tickles him and he loves every minute of it. When William is crying Riley says very seriously, "I'll go tickle him." or "He's sleepy, Mommy. He needs a nap." She's also famous for using my intonation. For instance, this morning she said "Good morning Ibim, you sweet baby!"

There are so many "fun and funny" happenings here on a daily basis that it's impossible to remember them much less blog about them. There are definitely more crazy in a fun way happenings than crazy in a pull-my-hair-out kind of way.

On a celebratory note, William and Riley are almost snot free. I'm beginning to give William more bottles and he's taking longer naps (yay!) and he's sleeping better at night. For a while, he was waking up every hour. I was so sleepy. I felt like I was seeing stars all day. I discovered that drinking more than 4 cups of coffee a day doesn't really help me function, it just makes me jittery.

Sleep training for Ibie began last night. Not sure if he cried or not. I can't feel guilty about something I may or may not have heard because the monitor was off and the fan was on high. All I know is that he fell asleep at 10 when I gave him his bottle and he was asleep at 5:30 this morning when I went in to check on him. He slept until 7:30!!! And he took two, two hour naps today!!

First bite!!

Second bite. Are you surprised Doodles had to get in on the action?

Great job Ibie!!! Yum! Yum! Great job Doodles!!!

This face was not funny with the first born child. Second born- halarious for some reason. Maybe we're all just a little delirious from lack of sleep, laps around the house playing piggy back, and jumping on the bed. He's just so cute. This is exactly what my dad looks like when he loses his keys. Notice the sticker from the doctor's office that Riley got for him. He had 3 shots and I forgot to give him Tylenol before the appointment....and after. He seemed ok though. Eh, he's tough. He's looks nice and plump in pictures but he's only in the 25% in weight. My little pipe cleaner.

The coughing cry is also funny with the second child. Notice I'm capturing the moment on film instead of picking him up.

Ah yes, the trampoline. Check out that Dallas hair.

Static does nothing to help Riley Jane's normal frizzy hair.



  1. I was laughing with you about the mad cry. Hilarious!!!! Seriously. So funny. I also LOVE Doodle's open mouth as she feeds Ibie!

  2. I agree with Em - love Riley's open mouth as she feeds brother. Love the pictures and updates. So thankful he slept??!! At least you slept and he survived!!

  3. Precious photos of precious grandchildren!!

  4. Yay for the sleeping! I know you must have so many fun adventures with those two everyday. It's so cute how Miss Riley loves to help feed her little brother. Precious!