Monday, March 8, 2010

Day in the life

Alright I'm going to see if a blog post can help me put this day in perspective... Riley's words are in orange.


Ibie's awake (slept all night!)
Diaper leaked through pjs, sleepsack, sheet, and mattress pad
Change everything, throw into wash.
Bottle + GMA (wish I had started the coffee- oh yeah we're out)


Riley Jane wakes up crying (weird and early)
Diaper leaked through pjs, socks, blankie, sleeping bag, pillowcase, and pillow.
Add it to Ibie's stuff in the washer.
Change everything.
Bathe both kids and get dressed.
Look for cell phone.
Tummy time for Ibie.
Look for ipod charger.
Unpack church nursery bags and repack for gym.
Ibie is bored...move to walker (LOVE!)
MAX AGAIN!!....Yes.
Still looking for phone and caffeine and ipod charger...
Ah, tea from Scotland...thanks Em.
House is a diaster but must make it to gym before childcare closes.
Ipod charger is found! Charge...wait....charge...wait...charge
Handful of Go Lean Kashi and glass of milk. Want some, Doodles? No, I don't yike it.
Cheese stick? Yesh. I do it BY- MY - TELF! Argh. Ok. Here. Mommy help me? Yes.
Kashi bar? no tank you. Do you want one of Daddy's bars (same thing)? Yesh!!!
Charge...wait...charge...that's enough juice to get me through cardio.
Ibie is bored again...move to carseat.
Oh my, the Dallas hair. Don't pull my hair back! Please use soft words. Sorry Mommy.
Fine, we'll blow dry it.
Princess shoes?!?!?- uh. ok.
Last glance for cell phone...nowhere...weird (ok maybe not so weird.)
Put Riley's shoes back on.
Open door to heavy rain. Awesome.
Run back in to turn off some lights.
I want to sit in the back. Please get in your seat. Why? Please. Not til I'm bigger. Right.


Gym. We're soaked (except Ibie thanks to Bundle Me)
Add my two kiddos to the other snotty nosed 15 + 3 workers. Better make this quick.
Should have downloaded some podcasts. Music is boring.
Walk, run, lift, stretch.


Stumble back to nursery, breathing very hard.
Give Ibie a bottle, find Riley's shoes and put on again.
Check out. Peel Riley Jane from the pool windows. She's getting a little sleepy.
Walk slowly through pouring rain back to car. Infant carrier is getting heavy.
Reload. Whew.
Walmart? Need coffee. Scratch that in the rain. More Scottish tea later.
Stop at Post Office to mail Easter surprises (!!!!).
Doodles! You took your shoes off. I put my paci in my seat. Ok.
Put princess shoes back on (that's the 4th time).
Very nice Postnet man does it all for me.
I chase giggling Doodles around the store. I'm not giggling.
Notice they have Beverly Lewis books. I'd like to read those one day.
Ah man. Ibie fell asleep. He deserves to sleep.
Consider stopping at Sonic on the way home for some drinks...
Dangerous when I'm so hungry... afraid I might get a combo instead of Diet DP.
What do you want Doodles? Ummm.... I want a drink peeese. K what kind?
Ummmm.... BLUE. Ok. That's not a flavor- that's a color. She makes me laugh.


Back home. Ibie's awake.
Diaper changing and potty time.
Dora?!? Na... Tea Set? Uh uh. Barbie in the kitchen sink? Uh uh.
Tent? No. ... Play with my wagon!? It's raining. Hmmm.... MARKERS!! YESH!!
Squeeze Ibie while I make loops around the house looking for my phone.
More Smacks for Ibie... Smacks for Riley Jane
Wish I could find my phone to call my mom for no reason.


Naptime. Where's my horsie pillow? You pee-peed on it. Ewww... lol. Ibie laughs too.
Turn off light, turn on fan- EXTREMELY LOUD NOISE!!! Ah, hair bows in the fan.
Mommy what happened? It's fine. Go to sleep. I love you. Goodnight Mommy!
Ibie goes down for a nap with a smile. Thank you sweet William.
Close the door. Deep breath.


Make more bottles, pump, empty dishwasher, put crib sheets in dryer, start new load


Blogging pychotherapy- Defrazzled.

Please call me. I still can't find my phone. Wait an hour. I need to shower.


  1. Oh, Becky....what a morning! I love reading all about your crazy life :). Love you!

  2. Very comical...! They say your life really changes when you have a kid, but it sounds CRAZY (but in a good way) when you have two kids! :-)