Monday, February 15, 2010

Ibim Frog + Chuckie Cheese

This is a weird week. Mom and Dad were going to come upfor a visit but it looks like they won't be coming until next week. Ibie is smiley smiley (!!!!) and napping more regularly. He's waking up once or twice at night and will be 4 months old on Wednesday!! He smiles and coos when Riley dances and jumps around on the bed. So halarious how much he likes her. The snow is melting and we are potty training...ok this time for real. It was so hard this morning. I was taking her every 20 minutes wearing a pull-up. Hmmmm... The morning didn't going very well but I think she finally got the hang of it when we switched to big-girl undies. Geez. This is hard. I think we went to the bathroom like 400 times today. By the time naptime came around, I was spent. Overall, she did great. She has a great attitude and wants to do the whole thing by herself. She LOVES the timer. "Mommy!! It's riiiinngggging!!!!!! Time to go potty!!!!" Then she sings herself the potty song after she goes. She'll be in church nursery tomorrow morning so we'll see how that goes.

Here are some more snow pictures. Riley's boots came off in the snow and exposed her bare feet. I promise I put socks on her but she likes to take them off. Billy swooped her up and brought her in the house. She put on some socks and ran back outside. That Doodlebug.

Wanna bite of my Toop (soup)?

I think he looks like me in this one.

These are from Chuckie Cheese on Saturday. Riley thinks it's Chuckie's house. Check out the crooked pig tails. She likes to rearrange them.

Wanna bite? jk.

This is cheating. But she's little so it's fun.

Looking for tokens...

Alright, check the other pocket...jackpot!

Who's having all the fun?

I love you Ibie.

Make yourself at home.

After six trips to Chuckie Cheese, I think she's finally warmed up to him. Now she always wants to go tell him bye-bye when we leave.

She gave her stickers to Ibim.


  1. WOW The kids are both so cute and funny. Love the boots/socks off on RJ in the snow. That is a TEXAS girl! She's used to bare feet. Love the pictures of Will - he is such a sweetie. And yesss he does look like you and your side of the family! Nice to have one that looks like each side.

  2. Those are some cute kids. Love Riley's arm over Billy's shoulder.

  3. p.s. Ibie looks like Lukey in that last pic.