Thursday, December 3, 2009

Adeline + Luke

We just got back from the mall. It's always refreshing to have a cup of coffee with Adeline. And we all know how Riley Jane feels about Luke. She woke up asking for him this morning. I was just thinking today that Adeline and I have been friends for 8 years!

Well, back to our trip to the mall. Whew! Here's what you're all wondering (maybe not everyone). Everyday is 10 times busier with two!! I've noticed that Riley Jane behaves better at home (less chance of her wondering off or getting kidnapped= more relaxed, happy mom) and William behaves better when we're out and about. Btw, he's giving me the stare down right now for swaddling him and plugging him with the paci. Anyways, it's a toss. I don't know if they're getting louder or I'm getting less sleep. The left eye headaches return every morning. I'm so incredibly happy to see their little faces every morning and so extremely grateful I don't have to get us all dress and dropped off but plainly... I need a nap. We're getting to know our little William better everyday! He looks kinda like me so that's fun. I feel torn daily to give each one the exact amount of attention and smiles. Not even remotely realistic. Am I the only mom who feels like a traitor? Everytime I'm playing with William and Riley Jane looks over, I feel the need to explain myself...?!?!?!? I just want them both to feel loved. Am I the only crazy mom that's felt this way? I want to workout, keep the house clean, and have enough mental energy to have a adult conversation with Billy in the evening, but it's just impossible. One thing I have accomplished- Daily Lit is now free. So I can read books while I nurse and Riley Jane gets for morning fix of Max and Ruby. You can read books in short installments by email or RSS. 20 minutes a day of using my brain makes a world of difference for me. Riley Jane fell asleep in the car on the way home from the mall and has not fallen back asleep. She's yelling "Mama! I'm awake in Ibim's bed!" Ibim just fell asleep in my arms. I better go get her before she learns how to crawl out of her crib.

Riley has loved this duck for years :)

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  1. I'm sure I will struggle with similar attention struggles. How can I make sure I have enough time in the day to work 8-9 hours, spend time with my son AND my husband, cook, keep the house semi-clean, hang out with friends, do some things just for myself and also get enough sleep at night??