Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy Birthday

This has been a busy week already. Saturday was Billy's birthday that we celebrated with his sister, her family and his parents. Sunday night Billy and I saw Brothers at the theater and dined afterwards at Pappadeux. Shrimp Creole is my fav.

William is adorable! He smiles at me every morning when he wakes up. Just the cutest 7 week old. He's growing so fast! He's sleeping well during the day and waking every 4 hours to eat at night. My eyes are still throbbing but it's nice to have that time together- just us.

William and Riley Jane were having so much fun sitting around watching me fold their clothes. So, I went to get the camera. When I came back the mood had changed. Hmmm? I wonder why? Uh maybe William doesn't like having his paci crammed in his mouth. Or maybe it's the pink blanket Riley gave him to use.

Riley Jane helped me decorate Billy's birthday cake. She did the sprinkles. I'd like to say that she did the writing too.

Cutie in her birthday skirt and sparkle shoes.

With Aunt Emily and Rebekah.

All the guys including all three WCMs.

Slumber party!!! In matching nightgowns!!! They were both extremely excited. Lots of giggling and smiling.

Ok these may all look the same to you but I love them!

We're not really into bows...ha ha.

We finally hung the bows.

RJ saying "SHHHH!!!" Vicki is asleep in William's crib.

Riley Jane is SO excited about her new friend Morgan! Morgan and his mom Martha invited us over to play and make cookies today. So fun!! One of Riley Jane's favorite activities. They each had their own bowl so it worked out great! They had so much fun together. Riley is looking forward to seeing him again tomorrow at our first MOPS meeting!

Best part.

We have a busy week ahead with birthday parties, more playdates, dinner with friends, and story time at the library. So stay tuned!

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  1. Love all the pictures. Belated Happy Birthday to Billy. Kids are SO CUTE!! We're going to make cookies next week when the kids are here.