Monday, November 30, 2009

Little Buddies

We drove down to Shiner for Thanksgiving as you know (4.5 hours), drove to New Braunfels for my cousin's baby shower on Saturday (1.5 hours), to Driftwood for lunch at the SALTLICK on Sunday (1 hour), and then back home to Argyle on 281 (5.5 hours)! There was no crying in the truck the entire way there and back. Amazing. William slept almost the entire time. When he was awake, he was happy. Riley munched on Tic Tacs and read books to sleeping Ibim. At one point the rain got kind of loud and Riley was a bit confused and scared. We told her that it was just water. So she was telling all the cows we drove past "It's just wa-wa cows. The cows' hair is wet." The drive home through the hill country was beautiful and definitely worth going an hour out of our way to avoid I35. What a fun weekend!

Riley still loves her "baby bro" as she calls him. He doesn't mind her much either.

William: "Why are you holding my hand again?"

My sweet friend, Lindsey came to see William.

Yes, he's just as adorable in real life.

This is how we calm him down. I've always had a hard time swaddling babies just because it looks so uncomfortable to me. But, it's been the only way to calm him down when he gets upset. Babies get what they want around here.

My night portrait setting on my camera ... kind of a cool pic.

Ibim picking his nose in his sleep. Yes, he's huge.

Can't get enough of the choo-choo trains.


  1. Love those pictures. What sweet children. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Awww! So precious! I love those cheeks... I bet Riley loves giving him lots of love.