Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday Dog Training

This morning we ventured out with Billy for breakfast and dog training (his normal Saturday routine.) I don't go with them all that often so I was pretty amazed at how well she helped and watched. Well, "watched," I say that loosely. When does Riley Jane ever just watch? We started off with some breakfast tacos at Rudy's in Denton. And then we were off to train the pups.

Mae Mae

Yes, this is the cutest jumpsuit I bought her at Nordstrom's last fall. It still fits! She was digging, sitting, running through, and rubbing mud all over it. I told she would have to get used to jeans if she was going to be doing all that business. I had to cover my eyes but secretly it made me happy she likes playing in the dirt. Little B Mac will have to bring his dump trucks out here to play too. I'm looking for some of those old metal ones. If you see one let me know- they're really hard to find.

Training partners. This is more serious than you know.

Commanding Shelby to "GO GET IT!"

"Can't you run a straight line?!!?!" ha ha ha! Billy makes that face at the dogs all the time.

Having a great time.

This is all business.

Having a heart to heart with Shelby. "Now, you can do this Shelby. "

And that's all for the day.

On the way back to the truck, everytime we turned around this is an example of what we saw. Another time she was frolicking in the grass that was almost up to her shoulders. Definitely gonna need some more jeans this year...maybe some camo training pants.

Everybody kennel up!


  1. That made me chuckle audibly. She is so cute. Billy needs to frame that one of her grinning in b/w the pups.

  2. Hey I just stumbled across your blog. Your little girl is precious!
    And your black labs are beautiful, makes me want to get a black one next. Take care!