Friday, October 9, 2009

Well not quite yet

Riley Jane accompanied me to see Dr. Gunby yesterday. We waited for over an hour in the waiting room. Riley Jane was halarious. She pretty much just ran around jumping from couch to chair and asking who everyone was. Once again, I had to explain that I don't know who everyone is. She kept asking the receptionist, "Where's Doctor Bobby?" We're not sure why she calls him that but his nurse, Phyllis, gets a kick of out it because his first name is Robert. We waited another 20 minutes in the room. She returned the Lion King book she swiped last time and proceeded to grab blindly for items off the counter. She opened every cabinet door (including the ones with sharp objects), climbed all over the table, opened drawers, tore paper off the table, shook the stirrup thingys, and yelled out the vent in the door to "Dr. Bobby" (who could probably hear her since his office door where he was talking to a patient was right across the hallway cracked.) I was fine with all this. She does it in a happy kind of way and if I tell her to stop she does so...........Doc said another week or week and half. BUM-MER. I am at 2.5 now. I think he saw the dissapointment in my eyes so the .5 was probably just out of pitty. He agreed to induce me on my due date (if B Mac hasn't arrived) and called the hospital right then and there to schedule it. He's an old pro and know's how to ease the pain of an OB patient losing her mind in the waiting game.
So, we're headed back to Argyle for the weekend for family R&R. Our friends Casey and Hilary have been taking care of Shelby and Mason. Well, let's just say it hasn't been a picnic. They already have a Weiner dog, Great Dane, and Lab (Cisco's bro.) So add in Mason who is constantly pining for Miley, the Great Dane IN HEAT!!!!, and Shelby who won't leave anyone alone and all the mud from the rain, to say that their backyard is a zoo, is an understatement. They are leaving town this weekend (hopefully not for good.) So we are going to get our dogs and give Casey's grass a break. We owe them BIGTIME. I feel like we already owed them bigtime for watching Riles when we moved and now it's just stacking up. I know what! You can click on Hee's (that's what Riley Jane calls her) blog, and order some frames! They're awesome and totally personal.
So let me make this an even loooonger post. Did you notice the new badge in my sidebar?? It's a voting website for blogs like mine! So if you like this blog, CLICK AWAY!! I don't know what the point is, but it looks like fun. It's also a way of finding other interesting blogs online. SO, no new developments as of now. I will post again as soon as something changes.

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  1. you crack me up!!! dont you worry about the dogs! we will take them back wth open arms next week! we TOTALLY forgot about going out of town this weekend! but...good thing...we have finally conquered how to deal with all five dogs! They are basically on one big rotation! LOL! but let me just say...i have never seen so much black dog hair in my house!!! HAHAHA! It just kind of gets funny and all you can do is laugh about it for now!! :)

    We will bring you some food up to Baylor when the time comes! We will have our own little hospital date!! Where do you want food from?? Chuy's maybe?!?!? MMMM.....

    Tell Billy Mac that Aunt Hee is ready to meet he needs to hurry up! :)