Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This was the start of our day yesterday at the NIGHTMARE that was the Pumpkin Patch. Notice all the mud in the background. That's what the parking lots looked like. The passat was a little unsure about the whole deal but we made it out alive. There was even an Excursion stuck! Riley Jane LOVED it! Best of all we got to share the day with Adeline and Luke!!!!!!!!! He is such a cutie and Riley loves them both. She got a lot muddy that day. You'll see.

"Mud!!!!!" Yes, Riley, I know.

So funny that kids love these things so much.

Yes, I'm wearing jeans. Painfully cute. My stomach actually looks about 18 times larger than that in real life.

I'd like to say that she put her shoes on herself but she did not. Baby brain.

After the patch, we headed to meet HEEEEEEEE (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) at Brio and do some shopping. Riley had her usual Calamari (Baby Foodie). I had breaded eggplant with spicy shrimp. I didn't like mine as much so I ate most of Hilary's Margerita Flatbread. That's how she stays so skinny. She takes me places and I eat all her food. Adeline's crab cakes were YUMMY too. Yes, I tried them as well. Luke is a doll. I don't think I heard him make a peep all day except for some cute giggles! Notice the Double Doozie w/ sprinkles Riley is pounding from Aunt Hee. Wish I could have captured the light in her eyes when she pulled it out of the bag. 10 seconds later it was gone. We spent the next couple of hours shopping and walking (ugh.) Ade and Hee said they were gonna walk this baby out of me. We hit Baby Bliss, Baby Gap, and Bath and Body Works and then I was a little winded so we called it day.

OK so our day only gets better! We headed straight to Mamama's house afterwards and rested for a bit. Then we were off again! She's a machine. We hit Walmart, Sonic, El Fenix, "Mee and Bop's" house (Mary and Bob are two of RJ's favorite people) and Blockbuster! Whew! Still trying to walk out this baby! Here's pic of RJ shooting ramkins of salsa. She drank about 3 or 4 of them and said "I'm done." Then she ate her taco and salad when it came out. I think yesterday was the first day of RJ's life that she didn't have a nap. She was still happy- especially with her new set of Princess keys from Mamama! She goes through each one...my house, my car, Mamama's house. So precious! Thanks everybody for such a fun day! I actually slept last night!


  1. DYING to be El Fenix with y'all... sounds sooo fun.

    You do look super-cute in those jeans...and boots! You really took one for the team (team fashion) in that outfit...you should do a gratuitous outfit post!

  2. mmm...mexican food sounds so good right now!!!! you and riley should totally bring me some!! HAHA! JK!

    And PUH-LEASE...you look tiny in that picture! You do not look big prego at all!!

    Walk it out!!!!!!

  3. I thought it was quite a fun day with my girls! RJ was pretty funny drinking the salsa - didn't eat many chips just the salsa. We're ready for that baby to come around this house!!