Friday, August 21, 2009

2 months to go!!!

I can't believe we're already closing in on two months left until Baby Billy is here! I've got his crib bedding set up but the decorating isn't quite done. We'll make a Hobby Lobby run this morning. He is as busy as ever and leaves Dr. Gunby wide-eyed every time he checks his heartbeat. So fun! That was the only good thing about sitting in the hospital for 24 hours- I was hooked up to a heart monitor and we listened to Baby Billy's heart beat all night. So sweet. Oh yeah and we got another sono out of it too! :) I will have to scan it in. I think he looks like me! I can't wait to play with tonka trucks and hot wheels. So on to Riley Jane. Oh Riley Jane. That name suits her so very well. Yesterday she was sitting in time out. For the first minute, she just sat there and stared at me, playing with her diaper. Then she started dancing with her upper body only (not breaking the rules of staying seated up against the wall) trying to make me laugh. She was smiling really big and squinting her eyes trying to be funny. It was so funny. And it was very hard to ignore. Whew. Time ran out before I broke thank goodness. Another funny timeout story- before we went into a gift shop yesterday (with many breakable things) we had a talk. I explained that she had to told my hand and that everything in the store was 'no touch.' She said 'ok Mama.' When we got out of the car she grabbed my hand and we walked in the store. She looked around the store and then looked at me and said, 'I want time-out.' So she walked over to an empty wall and sat down. ha! so funny. I guess she knows her limitations. She's lovin her books right now too. She'll sit and listen to some pretty long ones on her own accord. Every once in a while she'll be walking around the house, bored, swinging one arm (like Tess) and she'll come out of her room with a stack of books for me to read to her. So sweet. She knows there's no chance of me leaving this air conditioned house if I don't have to. :)

Here are some other things keeping her entertained right now:
  • Standing at the door and ordering Cisco in the dog kennel. (he doesn't even get up)
  • Pretending to drive the riding lawn mower
  • Feeding Cisco her snow cone/popcicle.
  • Curious George
  • Eric Carle's ABC book - tells us 'No, I want to look at H...and then turns back to that page.
  • Eat Up Gemma!- Thanks Aunt Emily!
  • Eric Carle's Head to Toe- (It's back on top.)
  • Anything Sesame Street
  • Chips and Salsa
  • Curious George
  • Her new DC tennies (wants to sleep in them-it's happened)
  • Freight Train book- everytime the train goes by, she's reminded of the book and we read it for the 10th time that day.
  • Splash Park!

Well, I misplaced her Goodnight Moon book somewhere (it's probably in one our cars-too hot outside to go look.) So for the last couple of days she's been asking for it. Yesterday she said she wanted to read it with her eyes. I told her that was a good choice. Better than using her foot or something. She thought that was funny. Strangely, she's also come up with a love for chocolate milk. Not sure how she found out about it. Whoever introduced it to her fess up!


  1. She is hilarious. What was she in time-out for???

    Where are the pics? ;)

  2. i did NOT introduce her to the chocolate milk....but maybe it's come from that love of chocolate "i cweam" haha!

    but i DID introduce her to....."bounce"! oops!

  3. WOW! Two months and counting down. You are almost there girl. Praying for as comfortable last two months as possible. I know you're loving being home with RJ. Can't wait to see all of you at Thanksgiving.

  4. Ha, I love that she said she wanted to go to timeout. That is so cute! How do you get her to stay in real timeout? I haven't even tried it yet but any tips are grately appreciated...