Thursday, August 13, 2009

Splash Park

So today started out like any other...with Elmo and a Kashi bar. As soon as I told Riley Jane we were going to the Splash Park, she said "B! Mamama!!" Well, I had to explain to her that we were actually going to meet the Kemps in Bedford and that we could probably go with B and Mamama on Friday...Giggle Giggle. The Splash Park was so much fun!!! Riley was ALL OVER the place. She thinks she can swim so I keep her in arms reach at all times. :)

So fun seeing Staci and her girls!!

This is the slide she went down 20 times. It was kind of tricky since you need someone at the top and at the bottom to catch her. She'd go down without either one if I let her. There were much bigger ones she wanted to go down as well.

Here, Mom, let me show you how I slide!

There's the entrance.

She crawls in by herself. She wanted to go down on her tummy once but I put the kabosh on that right away. I know, how boring of me. I did give her a little push though for added speed. She liked it. (Staci was at the bottom to catch her.) My back was killing me after an hour so we headed home early.

This was last week at Chick-fil-a with Sarah and Brandon. Notice all Riley Jane's dipping sauces (by request.)

Also check out Adeline's blog (on my blogroll) for cute pics of RJ and Baby Luke!


  1. She is so cute! I can't believe how brave she is...crazy.

  2. All those dipping sauces crack me up!!!

    She is adorable :D