Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I love summer. I wish it could be this way all year long. Riley Jane and I have really been enjoying our time together. Although the days fly by, it's been a real pleasure cooking meals and doing laundry. It's just so nice to be home with her and not exhausted for once. Keeping the house clean and laundry done has been a breeze considering I don't have to try and it fit it into a 4 hour time span before literally crashing in bed every night. I may have even cooked a few meals... Mood swings and melt downs seem so much less frightening as well. I feel so much better about life in general when I can keep things going for everyone at home. Riley loves to listen to full blown picture books now- especially the ones she can mimic. Some of her favorites are Eric Carle's 'Head to Toes' , the pop-up book 'Who's Been Walking on My Floor?' and 'Way Up High' by Jan Peck, one of my favorites. The only kind of sad thing about our book time in the mornings is that she likes to sit or stand in front of me and listen and not sit on my lap :( That's ok. I'm guess that's what I'm used to at school as well. I'm just happy she likes being read to. Another favorite activity of hers right now is making "boffee!" in the morning. She gets out all the needed supplies, fills the pot with water, puts in the filter, dumps (shakes everywhere) in the coffee, turns it on, then smiles at me and gives me a high five. We then sit down for breakfast and talk about where Daddy is and what the puppies are doing out the window. Toni will appreciate this- remember when my mom used to make us scrambled eggs and toast and we would put all the eggs on the toast and eat it like that. She likes to copy me and do the same even when I'm not eating with her. Most of the eggs fall off but she gives it a shot. The afternoon is mostly one long three hour nap. I usually try to let Baby Billy sleep a little too. It's important for his development! She got a new pink boom-box today so she can listen to her Cds and jam. Let me just warn you...there will be dancing.

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  1. Oh, I so love picturing what you girls are up to!! Love it!!!!

    I prayed for Baby today with Rebes and she asked why I wasn't praying for Baby Uncle Billy? So funny! She knew their names were the same and so she made them exactly the same. I have been calling him Will since. You can correct me later.