Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Favorite Chair

This is how I know this is her favorite chair... Every morning after breakfast when we retire to her room to play and read books, I sit in her rocker and drink my coffee while she scoots this $4 Princess chair into the same spot, sits down, and tries to cross her legs like I do. When I blow dry my hair, she brings it into the bathroom and sits down while she watches me. While I make dinner, she brings in the chair to sit and talk to me while I cook. Then, when it's getting closer for Daddy to come home- hence this first picture- she scoots it over toward the door, ready at any minute for his arrival. As for the glasses, I'm wearing them at the moment and finding it hard to type. I thought I knew the keys. Oh, she took them back and it half way across the house. That's why we call her 'The Bandit.' Check out the video of her dancing in her mismatch pajamas and purple princess sunglasses. Try to ignore the nerdy mom talking in the background and turn down the volume on your computer. :)



  1. so stinking funny!!! casey was asleep on the couch and i made him wake up to watch her "dancing" but dont worry...he started snoring in the middle of it! geez!

    tell riles that caseys and cache said night night!

  2. I love that cute little girl! She's so funny! We loved having you girls (and baby Billy too ;-)over today! I am sooo excited that you are done with school.

  3. Okay- if I turned down the volume, I would have missed Doodle's voice- precious! That would have been tragic!! She is soooooo cute! I love that she takes that chair everywhere.

  4. I love the video of Riley! She is so cute and I love hearing her talk. I love this age!