Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summer Begins

Whew. Today was my last day of school. Such relief!! I missed Riley Jane so much this year. I am so looking forward to a fun relaxing summer. The only trip planned is to the coast with my parents at the end of June. I'm sure we'll come up with some spontaneous day trips as well. We'll be playing around here, napping, and visiting the Children's Museum in Dallas. I'm so happy to have this time with Riley Jane before Baby Billy gets here. We are SO EXCITED about his arrival! My mom and I went shopping a little bit while she was here this week. I'm still trying to change gears mentally! So fun to have the whole store to choose from when we go shopping for baby clothes! I've also been working hard picking out fabric for his bedding. We're definitely going with the cowboy theme. All this boy stuff is so fun and different from the magenta and lime green I'm used to. I think it will be extra special for our baby boy. As far as names go, I really want to call him 'Billy' but we haven't decided for sure yet. 'Will' is still an option so we'll see. We will probably wait until we meet him to decide. This is the fabric I picked for his bedding.


  1. loooooove the new fabrics!! they will look so cute!!! if you end up wanting to paint the baby room...let me know...i am more than happy to help!!! :)

  2. Congratulations on finishing the school year. I know you're excited about staying home with your growing family. I still have two days left in the library. Love the fabrics. Hope to get to see the room, as well as you, in the fall. we're counting the days until Aberdeen! I'll be in Keller later this week.

  3. yea! So excited for you- and Doodlebug!!