Wednesday, April 15, 2009


These are a few pictures I found on our old camera this weekend. I think her smile in the bathing suit looks kind of like her baby cousin Luke's smile. So sweet.

Here's me trying to take a picture of Riley in her Easter dress. Let me just say that I TRIED.

Riley Jane hunted easter eggs Saturday at church and again at Heather's on Sunday. She did great! When she realized the value of the eggs (delicious candy) she was motivated to find them.

Sweet Baby London. She's a very happy baby like Riley Jane. They are a year and two days apart so a combo birthday party is definitely in their future.


  1. Thanks for the updated blog - I sure am missing Riley Jane but having a wonderful time here with Emily and her kids. I love RJ's Easter dress and hear everyone loved her at Heather's on Easter!! Love and miss you Bec,

  2. Loved the update and seeing that sweet girl! I MISS YOU and need a Becky fix really soon!! Hope you guys are doing GREAT!! Squeeze your cutest neck for me and let's plan a date soon!
    Love you!! Whit