Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So what has been going on with Riley Jane? Where do I begin? She's getting taller and more independent everyday. She often breaks out in a hard laugh for no reason. It puts us on the verge of happy tears everytime. She's a brave little girl as you'll see from the photos of her going down the slide backwards. She LOVES the duck on the merry-go-round at the mall and sitting in the wagon with the puppies in the back yard. Sometimes she speaks in complete sentences and sometimes she won't speak at all. It's either "I want to go bye bye." or "I want up." or "I want more" or "eh!" She started at her new Montessori School last week. Things are going good. She's the youngest in the class so she's learning so much. She loves the lock and latch box and all the transferring. Billy loves that she always closes doors and shuts cabinets behind her (unlike me.) She loves routine but is very flexible. She still sleeps like a champ and enjoys her snacks. She has gone to the potty lots of times. I think she could potty train now if I had the energy to be consistent in the evenings. I think I'll put that off until the summer. Anything that has a puppy on it is of interest to her. So much like her Dad. Most importantly, she's a healthy baby. Billy had Strep Throat over Spring Break and now he has Mono. As if not being able to swallow or eat isn't enough, he has been tortured with her begging to be held by him. Thankfully neither one of us have caught anything and he's finally feeling better. I know she misses feeding the pups with him in the evening. Even when we feed them after school she tells Billy, "Puppies, eat!"

"Oh No!" (inside joke with Mimi)

"Der." (inside joke with B)

Her hair is getting so curly!

Don't get me started about the bangs that were cut at her EX- preschool!

Bluebonnets at High Hill during Spring Break.

Becca is 5!! Matching pajamas...

Those are Tyson's shoes :) She has also discovered climbing on tables. Riley loved the Country Bakery in Sculenburg. Everytime we drove by she said "bites! bites!"


  1. Becky I can't believe how much she is growing! It amazes me how fast time goes by with our little ones. I love the pictures, she is a beautiful little girl : )

  2. She is getting so big! I can't believe it. She is still super adorable of course. We miss you and can't wait to spend more time with you once school is over!

  3. PRECIOUS little girl- great update on her- I especially love the "loves routine but i very flexible"- so true. You are a great mommy- you can tell how confident Riley is.

  4. Bec - I've been anxiously looking for a pic update on RJ. I get verbal updates when I talk to Gayle, but love the pics and all the info in the blog. I'd wait till summer and potty train, it should go quickly - she is a quick learner.

    Nana Phyllis