Friday, April 17, 2009


I was so excited today because I got to go to Kindermusick with Riley Jane. She sings and dances for us all the time and today I found out where she learns all her moves. It was so funny. The blurry pictures are from me laughing so hard. She was so cute! I was tempted to bring my video camera but thought it would be more fun for everyone to see her on the blog. I'll try to video it next time. It was so fun watching her interact with her classmates as well. Her teachers are wonderful and laughed right along with me (definitely a good sign.)

What a funny look!

These are sand blocks and totally foreign to Doodlebug. She thought they were fantastic.

Here she is trying to pat them on her teacher's head.

Now her head...

Guess she needed a break. The teacher in me was like, "Doodles, get up and pay attention!" ha ha ha just kidding...ok i thought it but didn't say it.


Ok back to the group for her favorite- ball rolling. The teacher sings this song and when she rolls it to a child she says their name. Riley kept shouting out "iley!! iley!!" even when it wasn't her turn to get the ball. Halarious.

Getting her stamps for being so cute- I mean good. She's a big fan of stamps.


  1. We have this in San Antonio too, and we're thinking about getting Noah into it! It looks like Riley has LOTS of fun!

  2. So ADORABLE!! I love that Riley Jane!!

  3. How cute! Our friend Will teaches music to little kids (I'm assuming very similar to Riley's class), and now I have an idea what goes on!