Tuesday, August 14, 2007

No Rest for the Wicked

...is what my mom always used to say. The restlessness has set in and sleep comes and goes just like the indigestion. OK maybe I shouldn't have had that spaghetti for dinner last night. Tomorrow is my first 'every week' appointment and hopefully he'll say "you're way ahead of the game!" or "she'll be here any day!" but he'll probably just say "right on track- see you next week." and then he's off to go deliver some lucky baby somewhere. Riley seems to be quite frustrated inside. She's constantly puuuuushing out or down, looking for more room to stretch. That along with the hiccups almost every night cannot be comfortable (her- not me thank goodness). Well, here are some pictures from the baby shower in San Antonio Aunt Barbie, Amy, and Aunt Boo (L-R) hosted. What a great time!

Mom and my cousin Tamara...
My cousin Michelle...

Guests had to guess how big I was around by cutting off a piece of ribbon and then I walked around they measured. Gayle won!! You're good!

Riley got tons of fun stuff! We could barely fit it all in the trunk!

Aunt Kathy (my Godmother) gave it her best shot...

Jean showed up!!! What a treat!

My beautiful neice, Becca. I hope Riley takes after you!

Aunt Kathy and Aunt Betsy...smile! I love you all, thanks for coming! I can't wait for you to meet Riley Jane.

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