Thursday, August 2, 2007

Riley's Nursery

Riley's nursery is coming along very nicely. There are a few more things on the way to make it complete, but all in all I am very excited and think that she will really like it. :)

The framed pictures are of Tyson, Becca, and Rebekah... three people that will surely be among of her favorites.

Riley's things have pretty much taken over. How could we resist?


  1. Oh, Bec!!! What a GORGEOUS nursery!! It looks like it should be in a magazine! Seriously, I love it!

    Which pic is of Rebekah? ;)

  2. Becky your nursery is fantastic! I love the colors. Can't wait to see it when we come to Dallas the fall. We're praying for the three of you during your final month of pregnancy.

  3. Better late than never with the comments - I LOVE Riley Jane's nursery!! It's a bright and happy place for her! You and Billy did an amazing job-