Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Billy's Birthday

Oh the pressure... I love to make cakes for Billy. The problem is the ideas don't really flow until like the day before. We had his family over for dinner and tore into this cake that I forgot to frost in between layers. lol. Who cares how it tastes? (everyone.)

Yes the hunter will miss the duck.

William liked it.


  1. I thought so at the time and will again say that is an awesome cake. Maybe you should go into a cake decorating career!! I'm playing with decorated cookies. Made some at Christmas and will make some for Valentine's Day.

  2. Thanks Phyllis!! I want that book Cookie Craft.

  3. I think you and Phyllis would make an amazing team for cakes, cookies, baking, etc....I do love that the hunter will miss the duck- didn't notice that until you pointed it out. ;)