Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hammock Beach

First of all, can you believe this little guy is going to be 1 in 15 days!!! I've been going through photos trying to find one for each month of his life thus far. Um, they all look the same. I probably couldn't put them in order if I tried! That will be a fun game at his first birthday.

These are the last pics from our Florida trip. Not sure why I posted out of order- oh yes - these were the pics from the snap n shoot camera that broke half way through our trip. Argh. I will take my Canon next time. The pics we did get were good so I am thankful to have photos to remember our trip. What a special time for us with Doodlebug. We owe Ibbie a trip as well. Fun to imagine what that might be like!

Obsessed with the seat belts.

Aww... sweet little Doodles.

The paci. I know. I was stressed for some reason.

Little nappy on the 1 1/2 hour drive from Orlando to Hammock Beach (just north of Daytona Beach.)

Our destination...

A very short walk to the beach...

Jumping waves!!

These chairs were my favorite part of the resort. Doodles and I came out here lots.

I know - I pick weird pics for the blog. I just like the ones that remind me of everyday stuff like drinking from a straw.

The pool area was awesome. There were three separate pools, a big spiral slide and a lazy river. The kid's pool upstairs had beach entry. Riley Doodles loved that one.

Ok just as the TROPICAL STORM set in my camera broke. It was taking all kind of fuzzy, blurry, upside down and sideways photos. I was so mad. Why do I always break things?!?!?

Our bracelets :( I didn't want to take them off.

And the storm went away... Beautiful.

Then we went to Disney World without a camera.

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  1. I love the pictures you were able to take and post!