Monday, September 20, 2010

Play-doh + Pirates

Brandon and William

Trying to decide what color Play-doh we want...

Going in the trash. I think it's fun to dress up but I dislike Halloween very much. And especially witches. And especially when there are witches on our favorite cartoons. No I will not make a witch cookie.

But we LOVE pumpkins!!!

Ibbie being (kind of) nice.

Ibbie ate most of it. :(

"YAY HAW!!!!!!" (Very funny and loud.)

"YO-HO HO!!! I'm a pirate just like Boots."

And a puppeteer apparently.

Ibbie wearing his Colorado hiking tshirt hoping to catch a ride to the YMCA camp. I told him it's too late. They already left.

Ibbie likes all the same books Riley Jane liked. Or maybe they're just all my favorites :)


  1. The squirrel cookie cutter is super cute.
    I like the pirate outfit too. Looks like an outfit Lily would come up with.

  2. I think Lily and Riley would be best buds...I loved that red and white dress when we had it.

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