Friday, June 11, 2010

Show Us Your Life Friday: China Patterns

Here's the China pattern from our wedding... It is Lennox "Vintage Jewel." We still LOVE it! It's gray, navy, gold, and the outside ring (I'm sure there's a proper term for that) is platinum. It was love at first site. Richard Nixon's daughter also has it (that makes it sooo much cooler I know) ha ha.

This is our everyday china. It's not actually ours- just a photo I swiped from It's Noritake Causal Gourmet. We've broken a few pieces :( which is very sad. I need to order several more plates to restock! I plan on having this pattern forever. I'd also like some everyday china to use during the fall and winter months. This Woodlands pattern has always caught my eye. It seems like one of the plates had a little red barn on it. Did I dream that?Maybe it's a different pattern. Do you know what I'm talking about? If this isn't it, I've got to find those red barn plates. I still like the barns. I guess that wasn't a phase.

AS long as we're talking about Spode... I've ALWAYS LOVED this Blue Italian but Billy doesn't like it (at all.) The day we registered for our wedding I was totally set on walking into Dillards and helping myself to this BEAUTIFUL china. To my astonishment, he immediately said, "No. Gross." Ah yes, and marriage begins. We have to compromise?!?! You mean you do't like everything that I do?!?! Shocking. Ha ha ha! I had so much fun looking at dishes today I might do another post on it next week. Plus, I've got to find those barn plates.

Becky McCord


  1. Just wanted to let you know, I have the traditional Spode Woodland with the ducks and birds, and none of them have a little red barn. I wish they did! That sounds beautiful! They could be one one of the Spode Woodland patterns with either dogs or horses though. Hope this helps!

  2. Love it all! Check out this cool post my friend Rachel did...

  3. The pattern you are looking for is from Johnson Brothers, I think it is called "Friendly Village."