Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Pool

Pics from the pool as promised... Riley Jane getting read to go to the pool. Don't worry, Safety Police, it's not plugged in.

And Ibbie obviously needs his hair straightened. He just needs some hair!

Riley splashed him. So funny Ibbie.

Martha and Morgan...

"Aww...did you hurt your foot Morgan?"

Morgan is a swimming machine. He jumps and swims and does cannonballs!

Look at Morgan's tummy from drinking all the water! So cute!

Wedgie Queen.

Well, it's getting late... and the boys are getting antsy.

Morgan's feet are bleeding from the bottom of the pool. Ouch!


  1. Love the pictures! The Wedgie Queen pic made me laugh out loud! :)

  2. Riley looks crazy cute in the 2-piece. ;) Ibbie definitely likes swimming more than his cousin Luke.

  3. So much summer fun!! Question for you, Becky: how do you load your photos onto the page? Do you have to choose them individually, or is there a shortcut where you can check a box and add a bunch at a time? I get so tired of only being able to upload 3-4 photos at a time....

  4. I too have a Riley Jane in the blog world. Good to see another RJ out there. Yours is a doll, if you have any monogramed things you want to sell you can pass them on to my Riley Jane!