Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oh Wednesday.

Well today was the last MOPS Bible Study. It was kind of sad because we will be moving back to Arlington in July, I probably won't see some of those girls again. That's the crummy part about moving around, leaving new friends. But the good thing is that I have lots of friends all over the place. :) And the EVEN better part is that I get to hang out with the 3Ls when we move back!!!!

Doodles is finally getting into some girly stuff. Lately she's been playing dress up with all my clothes. She even likes switching all the jewelry from my jewelry box to hers and back and forth. She loves all my makeup and even wanted to watch a Princess movie the other night. We watched The Princess and the Frog and ate peanut butter sandwiches on our pallet for dinner. Ok I made a major mistake in letting her watch a movie I had not seen before. It was kind of scary (for a 2 1/2 year old) in certain parts. She didn't really talk about the scary parts so I guess it's ok. No more movies for a while (without previewing first). We'll just stick to Dora and Diego.

Speaking of girls nights....Staci and I had SO much fun Saturday night. We ate and shopped and ate and shopped some more and slept until 10:00 Sunday morning. It was glorious. It was so good seeing Staci! She's one of those people you just never get enough of. I did miss my Ibbie and Doodles though...see why?

She always goes for the heels.

Baby Kemp #3 on the way in late Nov./early Dec!

I saved the best for last... check out this handsome little guy. Let me tell you- and this is not subjective at all... he is just as happy and sweet as he is cute!

See!?! This was right after he bit me. He's like "Sorry Mom! I just had to bite you with my two new teeth." Ibbie and I get a lot of time just us two together because he usually wakes up about an hour earlier than Riley in the morning and he doesn't sleep as long as she does in the afternoon. He is the most playful baby I have ever been around. His little arms and legs are nonstop. Even when you hold him he is climbing all over you! He makes me laugh so hard! He just gets so excited! He is CRAZY! Where does he get all this energy?!?

He looks like such a big boy in this picture. This is his 4th of July shirt from Mimi. Jameo- Tyson's is on it's way. We can't wait to spend the 4th of July in Shiner with the fam. Billy's parents are joining us this year too so we'll have the whole family there minus the Malones :( whom we will miss!

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  1. That boy is precious!!!! Love his collar to the sky. He really is so cute. Truly. Riley is rockin' those heels, btw. We will also miss y'all. Would love a hot it's not even celebrated. So sad.