Monday, September 7, 2009

The Mouse

Riley Jane had her first trip to Chuckie Cheese today. I didn't know this, but the code for Chuckie Cheese is "The Mouse." So when moms are talking about it in front of their kids, you can say "The Mouse" instead of Chuckie Cheese so they don't freak out. It turns out Sarah may have accidently slipped on Friday while talking to me about it. So, Brandon had been asked about it ever since. Can you guess if Riley Jane had any fun at all??? Let's just say she and Chuckie were on a first name basis by the time we left. We stayed for two fun-filled hours before we had to head home for a nap. We ate pizza and she got a birthday girl sticker. Why not? It's her birthday week, right? No they didn't have any Anniversary stickers or I would have gotten one (7 years today!). The Crains joined (invited) us and brought Riley a ton of birthday gifts. She's got the whole present thing down now and loved them! She got several REALLY cute outfits, some pjs and a BUBBLE MACHINE!!! She talked about it the whole way home. We will bust out the bubbles today after nap. First pic is with cutie Brandon :)

Riley asking for ice cream.

Ah yes, the telephone. We spent all (40) tokens on this feature.

Yelling at Chuckie.


Ok this horse is really high off the ground (for a two year old) but she loved it! There's a video at the end of this post.

Getting a little crazy with the presents.

So brave! Watch out- I'm talking kind of loud because of all the noise!


  1. I've been thinking about you today- happy anniversary!!!

    I LOVED seeing Riley pet the horse...awesome.

    It's strange seeing her- she's a combo of Billy and me, it seems to me. :) A little of you thrown in somewhere.

  2. Becky I loved all the pictures! The nursery is perfect, you have great decorating sense. I can't wait to see pictures of your little man in it : )Riley is gorgeous as ever and it looked like she had a lot of birthday fun!

  3. Behind!! I did not know about "the mouse" and we've been MANY times ... good to know!!

    Love the nursery