Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dallas Baby Shower

Saturday was the baby shower in Dallas for Will (see I haven't forgotten.) Mary and Gaylie went ALL OUT. The food was especially amazing! The day was so special spending the whole day talking about a this baby boy! It was so relaxed and fun. All the McCord aunts were there and cousins and friends! All the boy stuff was just outrageous! You'll notice someone is missing from this party...that certain someone had a busy morning including but not limited to the following: breakfast tacos, Mountain Dew, trip to the vet, peanut M&Ms, chicken nuggets, and dog training...all in "too tight" jeans. Can anyone guess who accompanied her?


Whitney, Aunt Petie, and Julia

Minta, Korrin, and Adeline

Quannah and myself (me looking a little ragged)

Jessica and her sweet baby London

Aunt Helen and Antonia


McCord sisters

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  1. I am so sad I missed it, but it looks so fun!!!!