Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another Birthday is coming.

Riley Jane WILL turn two. She hasn't yet. I'm in denial but I know it will happen (in 6 days.) Such a happy idea but sad when we think about how fast she has grown and how little we have on video. 'B' and Mamama hosted a little cake and ice cream party to celebrate her 2nd birthday with our family. Of course we couldn't stop there. We made cookies with pink M&Ms and chocolate frosted cupcakes topped with Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. Yum is right. It was so fun seeing everyone and Riley Jane had a blast. It seems like as she grows, her eyes get brighter and her smile bigger. She had lots of birthday hugs for everyone. She has such a sweet little heart.

We are SOOOO looking forward to the new addition to our family. As of this evening, I would describe WCM IV as very strong and full of zip. He kicked so hard tonight, I actually shrieked a little while watching Iron Chef. Let's just say my ribs will never be the same. I know that after he is born I will miss the midnight jolts and after-dinner jabs in my side. My OB appointment on Friday went great. His heart beat was rapid (in a good way). :) I still love to see Dr. Gunby's eyes light up everytime he hears the baby's heartbeat, as if he hasn't been hearing it 20 times a day for the last 30+ years. I tried to convince him to move my due date up but he wouldn't. I'm going to round down and say we have about 7 weeks to go. What will Baby Billy be like?? Can you even imagine a boy version of me???
Check out the pics below of the party. You'll notice Riley Jane's bow matches the bows on the cupcake stand. Couldn't resist.

Ah yes, Riley Jane, 'B', and a lollypop. Such a rare sight (yeah right).
Riley Jane embarrased that everyone is singing to her. So funny! She had her hand over her mouth like "WOW!!"


  1. I LOVE that first pic! She is so cute- great to see her long hair!!!

    Love you guys!!

    happy early bday, Riley!

  2. What a fun party it was - so fun seeing everyone! Riley Jane is a sweetheart and did indeed have hugs and "smacks" for everyone!