Saturday, June 13, 2009

BFFs Reunite

Is this seriously my daughter? Sometimes I look at her and I'm like-what happened to months 2- 20? This was first thing this morning after "Freeech Toast!" she noticed her buddy Cache (Casey and Hilary's puppy) playing in the back yard. Then back to the crib to retrieve "Vicki" her baby doll. Riley Jane discovered her in a toy box upstairs this week and they have been making up for lost time.

BBFs with Mason in the background. You can see Cache sitting under the table on the deck.

So cute.

My new favorite picture. Riley Jane in the softest little rainbow nightgown ever.

Ok this is Riley Jane at Sonic informing me that we left Vicki at home. Very serious (in her shades) and worried.


  1. That is a sweet little nightgown shot of Riles. I also love that she has her paci in the car- we've (I've) been bending the rules a little, too, for some peace. ;) I also agree about where did my baby go? BOTH mine are over 1 and almost 3! Yikes! It's pretty crazy. Sooo glad to see Vickie back in the picture. She and Mickie need to meet. Drink a vanilla Diet Coke for me!

  2. we both just laughed really hard about the vicki pictures!!!

    i cannot WAIT to get to work on some more frames for this weekend!! we are going to be some selling machines!!!

  3. holy picture overload, heheh...

    It's fun to "see" y our parents after all these years :D