Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baby Billy's Bedding

Here's the bedding I ordered for Baby Billy. It was one of the very first sets I found when we were still trying to decide if we would find out what we were having. I thought long and hard about doing the custom bedding. I was just so scared I would spend all that money and then not like how it turned out. I think this set will be perfect for our cowboy theme. Then, if we decide to change it a few years from now we can. It's been so fun doing all of this again! This set has a lot of brown in the plaid and I love the slate/green color in the crib skirt. I can't wait to get it should be any day now. Now we just need to decide for sure if Riley Jane is staying downstairs or moving upstairs. Two cribs. Two babies. This is crazy.


  1. Very cool! Glad you didn't go custom- so expensive and it takes forever.

  2. This bedding will be very cute for little Billy :)