Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We spent the weekend in Tyler and had so much fun. We checked out some very unique little stores and boutiques. After naps we headed out to the World of Wildlife Museum (free admission!) and playground. Riley Jane was halarious running around and checking out all the animals. We didn't make it to the playground because they were closing. We'll save that outing for another day. Great day altogether.

Riley Jane taking a closer looks at the animals.

She really got a kick out of this light box.

No comment.

After I took this pic, I was like "Riley! Stand still for once!!" But when I saw it on the camera, it looked like she was running alongside the lion. Ha ha haa!! So funny! So Riley Jane.

My favorite exhibit- the four dressed up monkeys playing monopoly.

This is the porch of the Country Store with lots of things for Riley Jane NOT to touch. We walked through that part kind of fast. But it was really interesting. The porch part turned out to be a big hit.

I LOVE this picture of my favorite two together.

She was probably not supposed to be sitting in this rocking chair. And the hair has gotten a little out of control by now.

Ah yes, the end of the tour. Riley Jane gets a 5 cent dum dum (her favorite.) She picked root beer?

Riley Jane all dressed up for church on Sunday morning. The highlight of her morning were the doughnut holes.


I added these to show my dad how nice the yard is looking. Everything is so green ( for a while.) We've been working on it a lot and I think it looks great! I know my Dad appreciates some nice fluffy carpet grass like I do. Dad- see how all the carpet grass is finally spreading!?! Yea!

This also shows the lot across the street but you can see how the carpet grass is slowing taking over in the front yard too. Sadly, I think our house will sell all too soon.


  1. Oh, your yard is looking awesome! It sounds like Riley had a great time in Tyler :)

  2. Bec!!! Tearful as i see doodles running around in dresses I recognize- plus, I see both my children in her! What a treat for me!!