Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Ok I want to know if anyone else has this problem. I have a whole closet full of fabric. I love it. I keep buying it and hardly ever make anything practical out of it. I can't remember the last time I made anything. Several times I've cleaned out my artsy closet and organized it. I do enjoy that. You know, getting it all out, ironing it and folding it up. It looks so nice stacked up together. So, as soon as school gets out, I plan on making all kinds of cards, burp rags, bibs, onsies, hair bow holders, what else? Any ideas? Send a comment with your thoughts. I'll definitely be needing more fabric to keep my stacks looking cute. I might even need some boy fabrics. Check out free shipping for U.S. orders (sorry Em) over $35 on http://www.fabric.com/. Can't wait to hear your suggestions!

Free Shipping on orders $35+


  1. clearly...you have enough fabric...but just in case you need to feed your addiction a little more...i found a great new fabric store!!!!! it's across from northeast mall...in the same shopping center. their fabrics are anywhere from $3-$13 a yard! they are all close-out fabrics and they are great! i made window treatments in the living room for about $35 (on three windows)! We should go shop there sometime!

    Do you have a sewing machine???? I want to make throw pillows to match the window treatments....we should have a sewing day!

  2. I LOVE fabric too!!! Wish I could sew so it would actually be useful to have. :) Maybe I will learn someday. I have a texture thing with scrapbook paper and fabric...I have to feel it before I can buy it! Is that weird?!? Move near us and we can start a home business and be mommy-prenuers...sound like a plan! Love you!