Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Riley Jane has been a happy camper. Mamama finally :) came back from a
very long trip to Scotland, Mimi has been here for three days, and all
three grandparents took her to the park last night and let her swim in
the fountain. You'll see from the pictures that she enjoyed it. Mamama
brought back a beautiful green dress from Scotland! While wearing it,
she fittingly sat down on the kitchen floor for a tea. Thanks for the
input Em. We also love the "I love Mummy!" t-shirt. Classic. Riley
Jane gave everyone SMACKS last night and loved Mimi's Chicken Fried
Deer Steak, green beans and mashed potatoes! Tonight Mimi and I left
Riley Jane with Billy so we could run to the store and we locked them
out in the garage. When Billy went to open the back door and it was
locked, Riley Jane said "keys?"


  1. What a DOLL!!!!!! LOVE, love, love the swimsuit! She is so cute!

  2. p.s. Rebekah has been doing "macks" and saying that's what Riley Jane says. Luke gets quite tickled when we "mack" him- we are determined to keep that going!

  3. Love the green dress and swim suit. We're hoping to learn all about tea parties in Scotland this summer. I know you are happy to have Gayle back close to you. Thanks for posting the great pics.

    Nana Phyllis

  4. She looks sooo cute in her little swimsuit!!!!

  5. LOVE the fountain pictures! The green dress is adorable too. Riley is precious!