Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Ok it's a little early for Valentine's Day but I figure I probably won't get around to posting again before then. I have been trying to post but my computer shuts down when I'm uploading pictures! It's seriously crushing. Riley is still adorable. The highlight of my week was last weekend at the park. She climbed up the steps to the toddler-size slide and slid down face first all by herself. When she got to the bottom, she laid there and giggled a bit before getting down to climb back up the steps again. She did it at least 10 times. She's a very brave little girl. Except around small dogs.

Nothing to do in the RV at the deer lease except french braid each other's hair. Mine mostly just got pulled really hard while Riley Jane said "Ouch!"

She's likes her new hair do.

Jogging at the deer lease.

Fancy dinner in the RV at the lease.

Riley's first flight went great! She ate (and tried to feed the law student sitting next to her) animal crackers and played with her cup and straw. Just enough fun to keep her entertained for 50 minutes.

Christmas at Mimi and Paw Paw's in Rocksprings, Texas.


Trying to decide which presents to open first.


Our little tap dancer. She loves her fancy Stride Rites! She click-clacked all over the motel room in Hondo.

My sweet grandmother passed away in December. All of my dad's brothers and sisters and their families were in Hondo for the funeral. Our entire family had dinner together at Herman Son's Steakhouse for the first time in a very long time.


Riley Jane playing in London's baby toy Christmas Eve.

More never-ending fun at the lease.

Riley Jane and Billy going to check the feeders.


  1. Yea!! So cute. I really liked her pulling your hair and saying, Ouch!

  2. Great pictures Becky, she is so adorable, I think if I had Riley or Luke I would have to just squeeze them all day : )

  3. i am so sad that you are already able to french braid her hair!!!! she is getting SO big!!!!