Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Since my last post, Riley has started walking and talking! That's why I haven't been able to post! It's also because I've been having trouble with my computer. She is saying phrases like "more milk," "more bubbles," "hi Daddy" and "thank you mama." OK some of them she's only said once or twice. She frequently yells up the stairs, "Da Da!! Daddy!!" and always asks for Daddy first thing in the morning. She tries to repeat most words we say like blue, noodles, shoes, yogurt, Mimi (Nini). After dinner we say, "time for a bath!" Then, she walks straight to my bathroom and waits by the tub. She gives lots of  hugs and kisses and is such a happy, sweet girl.

This afternoon she fell asleep in her highchair...at 4:00. I was so sad. I had just picked her up from school and wanted to play. I moved her to her bed and she's still asleep at 10:15. Geez Doodles! Such a cute, sleepy baby.

Every morning Riley sits on the counter in the bathroom while I put on my makeup. She mostly likes to brush her hair, put on blush with my makeup brush, and try out my chapstick. Her hair is so long now. She also likes to put my stuff in Billy's bathroom bag and vice-versa. That can be tricky in the morning when we're rushing off to work. Also, she's obsessed with brushing her teeth. She has to brush them everytime we change her diaper. She also loves our toothbrushes and leaves them all over the house. Yesterday I found my toothbrush in the oven of her kitchen. 

Riley got this cute polka-dot dress for her birthday from Mimi. She looks like such a big girl.

Check out all those teeth! She's got 11!

We let her have some Cherrios in bed Sat. morning so she would stay and snuggle with us for a while. She dumped them all out. Add that to my 2 do list. :) She makes me laugh so hard.

Later in the day, she fell asleep on the floor while we were all upstairs watching tv.  I guess it's becoming a pattern. When she woke up, we went to Cabela's.  She loved the moose and beaver and cried when we left the pond. She rode in the back of the cart the whole time and loved it.

Happy Birthday Jack Jack!! What a fun Elmo party!!!!!

Riley Jane with her BFF Chloe Beth and mom Lindsay.

Toni- Remember this purse you had made for me? Riley loves it and looks adorable in her baby UGGS and Tea outfit!

Learning to walk...

Helping herself to a handful of BBQ sauce. Yes, it's very messy.

Gotta love the mis-match pjs and huge tummy after dinner.


  1. What a cute update! I love all the pictures!

  2. She is such an adorable granddaughter to have! We have loved getting to see her as she has been learning to walk and hear her say words - a true blessing for us! Riley Jane is a fun baby to be around for sure!!

  3. Seriously I can't stand it! She is too precious! I can't believe she is walking & talking so much, they grow up so fast.

  4. Love LOVE LOOOVE the new pics! She is getting so big- and I mean old!!!! She is adorable and I love seeing her asleep and in the green shirt of Rebekah's- I loved that shirt! I also loved the piggies!!

  5. Oh my goodness, I'm not sure I've seen such a happy, delightful baby. She is truly a gem, Becky, and you guys must be so proud of her. You're obviously doing a great job as her mommy!