Sunday, September 2, 2007

She wasn't born on Opening Day!

The McCord aunts hosted a wonderful shower for Riley Jane this weekend! Riley took my advice and held off another day. A September 1st birthday just wouldn't be fair to any McCord daughter. Riley- Do you really want to spend every birthday from now on at the lease? Ok the sad fact is that she probably would. Here are some pictures from the shower. What a great day filled with aunts, cousins, and friends galore! Riley Jane will definitely be the best dressed kid on the block. Stay tuned... when will Riley actually be on her own blog???? Anyone want to take a guess?


  1. OK- I'll be the first to hazard a guess at Riley Jane's birthday - I'm going to say September 7 which would double with her Mom and Dad's fifth anniversary! She'd be the best anniversary present ever!

  2. Hi! Love the pics...I am guessing the 10th ( days early like RG!)...and I am guessing over 8 pounds and 20 inches!