Wednesday, February 2, 2011

William is sick

This is what I miss today.

Because William is sick.

Poor baby fell asleep on the couch watching Word World with his sister. Btw it's literally freezing outside.

I also miss being able to do this.

Sometimes they're happy to be locked out and sometimes they're not.

These are nice.

These are even better.

Project waiting...

I'm digging this wallpaper but I think there may be mold underneath...

:( More wallpaper peeling... I will get right on that. After I take a nap with my sick baby. But before I do the laundry or clean the bathroom.

Cuban Chicken from the William Sonoma Slow Cooker cookbook for dinner one night this week.

Stay warm! My very own homemade soup recipes on their way...


  1. I'm sorry he's not feeling well. Hope you guys aren't going too crazy. Miss y'all. Wish we were stranded together. LOL

  2. Sweet babies! I love seeing Ibbie asleep on the couch, but so sad why he's there. :(