Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hillary's Baby Shower

So this baby shower was a while back...months ago. But It's still fun to look back at all these things.

Hillary laughing out loud.

There's Miss Mommy.

My first diaper wreath. Easy and fun. It wasn't as expensive as everyone said it would be so don't believe them.

Hilary's tractor wall art for her nursery. Hope she really and truly likes it. I've found that it's always tricky giving people these kinds of gifts. I'd hang it in my house!

Hillary and her mom...sweet


Mamama and sis-in-law, Helen...

Me with long hair... so glad I finally cut it.

When we got home he was already ready to go back to Mamama's.

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  1. Love that my hair is shiny. Happy sigh. I also love the cousin sequence!