Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blue Trash Car

Here's a fun easy project I stole from my friend Sarah W. This is an old silver tray that was all rusted in the middle part. I sanded it for about 3 seconds, wiped it down, and applied 2 coats of blackboard paint. Wa-la! Happy tray for everything. I may even be able to stick some seasonal magnets on it. And don't wait until you've cleaned house and finished the laundry to make your own. Do it tonight!


Random sleepover from October with Becca and Tyson... yes Riley was still working the paci back then.

What we do after breakfast...

My awesome sis-in-law found this car on the sidewalk (dumpster diving.) My kids love it so much they scratch and bite each other to ride it. This is a temporary solution with William in the back seat. Before long he wants to drive then Riley Jane moves to the top.

Try it out here:

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