Sunday, August 22, 2010

Finally unpacked + B's Birthday

This week was so great. We all feel rested and back in the swing of things. The house is unpacked, there's more time to play, we celebrated B's birthday, and had lots of playdates with new and old friends. We are so excited to be back in our house. The remodeling is finished. Whew! That turned out to be much more involved than we planned. I added a few pics of the updates at the end of this post. Ibbie is now 10 months old, cruising around furniture and playing in the toilet water. He loves the book "Mirror Me" just like his cousins and sister and says Da da, Ma ma, more, and tries to repeat words his sisters says like "boink" (when she hits him.) He is beautiful and precious. He loves his toys and is surprising independent when it comes to play time. He's eating well and sleeping well. He's smiley and charming. I'll stop now. Doodles is going to be 3 in less than a month! We are so excited about our Florida trip coming up. We'll do the beach and Disney World. Not sure that RJ really gets the countdown thing- but she loves counting and numbers so she mostly just counts the Mickey heads.


  1. Your house looks gorgeous!!!! I love all the colors!

  2. I love the new house! The granite and wood floors are gorgeous... and I love your blue couch!

    Just curious... why did y'all move?

  3. Loooove the house! Super cute! William reminds me so much of Trey whenhe was little. I'm obsessed with your precious family, Beck!