Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ibbie pulling up + Memphis + Nashville

You'll see that I'm making the most out of each post (i.e. lots of pictures). Ibbie is officially "into everything." He's scooting and sometimes crawling at lightning speed. He's also pulling up on...everything. Riley likes to help him walk and stand. Poor baby is a little smothered sometimes I think.

Hard not to smother this...

Lesson learned: don't ever take Doodles to Dollar Tree. She conned me into buying her a banana clip (among other $1 hair accessories.)

As I was looking for a picture of the kids together, I couldn't find one in which they both had on a shirt and bottoms (or britches as Riley Jane calls them.)

Mimi and Pawpaw came down to watch the kids for 2 nights and the McCord's watched them for 2 nights. Ibbie looked SO big when I got back and was not pumped about going to nursery at church the next day.

On to the trip. OH FOR THE LOVE OF MEMPHIS. There is just something about it I love. The food is wonderful and the people were very cool (and kind of scary in the place below.)

One of everything please. I think this place was on Man vs. Food. Love that show.

"The Corruption" was equally delicious sprinkled on chicken and fries.

This was the spicy fried chicken. It was fried and then dipped in a very tangy, spicy sauce...amazing.

Come on, Bec just smile.


Time to eat.

This tasty delight was from The Pig on Beale Street. We were still stuffed from lunch and couldn't even finish the rack. They were really good though.

Randy Houser was playing at the Pepsi Pavilion on Beale Street.

We were meant to be together- me and Gus's Fried Chicken (World Famous.)

We didn't want to relive the overstuffed feeling from the night before and we knew we wanted Rendevouz ribs that night for dinner so we just had a little snack. Bad idea. It left us wanting more... It was THE BEST fried chicken I have ever had.

The Peabody Hotel where we stayed had a sweet hotel bar right in the middle of the lobby. I started off the night with this Dreamcicle Martini. I liked the cute little duck mixing stick and how the Peabody puts a duck on everything.


Dry rub...yum.

Oops- that's the extra hot and spicy fire sauce. Big mistake.

The guy taking our picture couldn't get the camera to work. We were laughing so hard. He may have had a few too many drinks at dinner (glad he didn't drop my camera.)

At night from the alley in front of Rendevouz.

I like this shot of the kitchen behind us. People were just walking in and out like they owned the place.

This pic is what the Peabody Hotel is famous for. It's a little dark but you can see the ducks coming out of the elevator heading to the fountain. They live on the 10th floor of the hotel and come down to take a dip several times a day.

The ducks were so fast I couldn't get a very good pic.

Ok and for the Memphis finale. We went back to Gus's for lunch...and ordered a 12 piece mix. I know what you're wondering. Did you eat it all? All but three small pieces which we finished off that afternoon at the hotel in Nashville.

All for me!!!!! Ok I shared with Billy.

Catching some live music in Nashville on Music Row or whatever they call it. I may have stepped into American Apparel... Hard to resist these srunchies but I did.

More treasures we found driving around Nashville looking for something to eat.

Vanderbilt football stadium, view from our hotel room.

Snow cone at Cenntennial Park...

More outside time at the park since it was a nice cool(ish) day...

Country Music Hall of Fame... pre-tee cool.


  1. So did y'all just go to go... on vacation? I heart Memphis and have been to many of the same places to eat.

  2. Love all the pictures! What a fun trip! Good food!

  3. Looks like you guys had a great time! Now I want to go!

  4. My goodness, the fried chicken looks so good! Did you waddle when you got home after all those "good eats"??!! Looks like a great trip. Can't believe how big Will is getting - love the banana clipped hair, too!

  5. 1. I had a dream we somehow met and were friends since I am in the States now. That is about all I remember, but I thought it was funny since we'd joked about that.
    2. That food looks amazing. Now I want to know how you stay so thin.
    3. Glad you guys had a good time in Memphis! Brannan and I are going on a little trip by ourselves in August and I am super excited. It'll be weird to go somewhere without the kids.

  6. I'm hungry after reading this post!! Yummy food!! Your kids are so cute. I love the nickname Ibbie. It suits him perfectly!!