Thursday, June 3, 2010

TILT: Baby Jogger

Things I love Thursday: My Baby Jogger

This stroller trumps all strollers (that I have had.) I love it. We originally bought it because everytime I went to the gym I was being called to the nursery because Ibbie was screaming his head off. With nap schedules and all that it was just impossible to make it to the gym and finish a workout. I thought I'd only use it for running but I use it all the time! I even take it places when I only have one kid. Sometimes people ask me if I know that one of my children is missing. Really? I try to just laugh and not give them a mean look. Halarious. Not sure if they are always joking though. I use it for jogging, walking, everything! It fits through all doors very easily, it's super easy to fold up and it slides in and out of the trunk of my VW Passat like a breeze. You can also easily push it with one hand. LOVE IT! Here are some crazy pics of the kids. Not a lot of explanation necessary...

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  1. That stroller looks amazing...wish I had had one, except I think R would have messed with Luke, which would have driven him nuts.

    Can't believe Ibie is already wearing those dino pajamas!

  2. Really cool stroller! Great pictures of the kids - what fun you'll have this summer with them!!

  3. I can't quite tell from the pictures what kind of stroller it is. I read your blog through Emily's blog (Josh is my hubby's cousin). We are having baby #2 in October and I'm looking for a great double jogger.