Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Menu Plan Monday on Tuesday

I already wrote this post but my computer freaked out on me yesterday and I lost it. I was terrified all day because I knew it would never come back on. EVERY single picture (ok except the 4 million we have on Billy's iphone) I have ever taken of William is on this computer. Dear Mom of the Year, back up your photos. Billy backed them up and everything is good to go. Whew! Close one. Too much drama for me. Here's what we're eating this week.

Monday: Chicken Enchiladas w/ BMamama YUM!

Tuesday: Scrambled Eggs, Berry Berry Blue Pancakes, Strawberries and Blackberries + The Duggars (on tv)

Wednesday: Cilantro Chicken w/ wild rice and whole green beans

Thursday: Asian Chicken w/ Lo Mein and Broccoli*

Friday- Sunday: Whatever Mimi and Papaw fix!!!

Asian Chicken

Ok all these things are just thrown together in a bowl and whisked up. I'm not exactly sure how much of each but I'll give you an idea. Taste it and you decide! FYIRiley Jane and Billy like their food spicy and salty.

Chile Garlic Sauce (4 Tblsp)

Sriracha Sauce (3 squirts)

Rice Wine Vinegar (4-5 shakes)

Soy Sauce (1/2-1 cup)

Sesame oil (1 Tblsp- don't skip this)

Teriyaki (1 shake - not really a fan but it's sweet so it works w/ everything else)

Worcestershire Sauce (2 shakes- this never hurts anything)

I cut up the chicken breasts in strips then season with S&P and Mrs. Dash Garlic & Herb. I cook the chicken fully until juices run clear, then toss in Asian sauce. Done. You can also add Hoisin sauce if you like. Sometimes I add a little "Honey something or other" BBQ sauce if it's got a thick and sweet consistency. I'm not sure why I do that. It never tastes different. The sesame oil is what makes it so good. Have fun and don't burn your mouth on the SRIRACHA!!

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  1. is that the yummy chicken you made for all of us with the jasmine rice and veggies?! yum yum!