Monday, May 31, 2010

Fayetteville, AR

We just back from Fayetteville, Arkansas today. Omgosh. We had THE BEST time. Fayetteville was beautiful and the Ozark Mountains were amazing! We were included in Taylor and Terra's wonderful wedding weekend. It included incredible food, fun with family that we never get to see, and breath-taking scenery. My parents were kind enough to drive up and watch the kids all weekend. It had been such a long time since we got to spend time together- just us. We had so much fun! I'm standing on the soon-to-be front porch of a house John David is building way up in northwest Arkansas. The view is unreal. These pictures do it no justice at all. The mountains and trees go on forever and ever and ever and ever...get the point?

Billy picking off some bugs from our drive around the property in the Ranger. Don't worry- we're not moving there.......yet. ha ha

He said this wasn't the kind of bike I should learn on. Ha ha.

Ok I can't remember what river this is...King's River maybe? GORGEOUS. Why didn't I just jump in?!?! The water was crystal clear. Again, these pictures aren't even close to capturing the beauty of the Ozarks. When we were cruising around, I couldn't help but think about two things- Where the Red Fern Grows and the Duck Commander.

Oh Whit. Look at sweet Bauer. He didn't make a peep all weekend. He's quite the party animal.

Mindy and John David live in Fayetteville and also introduced us to those amazing US Pizza stuffers thingys. It was so fun hanging out with them. Their daughter Lyla is only one month older than William.

Kathryn holding Mindy's baby girl Lyla. I think Lyla looks like a combination of Riley Jane and Ibbie. She is adorable (duh) and so chill.

KCB looking glam as usual.

Here I am pretending to be sisters with the Cobbs.

If Josh and Kathryn had twins...ha ha ha you're welcome Josh.

Kathryn getting the kids all riled up as usual.

War Eagle Mill... also very pretty. We bought Riley Jane a little velvet pouch of colored rocks that were a big hit. We also went to Eureka Springs. Supposedly I had been there when I was little but I don't remember it. The drive up there was also incredible.

And Aunt Carol. This lady is ranked somewhere WAY at the top of my "Favorite People in the Whole World List." I think she's on a lot of people's lists.

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