Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Camping in the living room

I'm not a fan of camping. Don't get me wrong, I love outdoor activities (when I'm not preggers) but I say have a great time on the river and then go get some sleep at your local Marriott. Ibbie and Riley Jane LOVE this tent. I'm not sure how it ended up at our house. I think it started at BMamama's. And, after several moves, I'm not sure where the tunnel is that goes with it. Despite all that, the kids have a great time in it. And of course it's got everyone's favorite friend, Dora. I wish I had a pic of Ibbie's happy face when RJ pulled him in the tent with her. He's already so excited to be included in all her shananigans. Yes, one minute he was lying outside of the tent, the next he was inside sitting up. Huh.

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