Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hannah + Snow

We've been so busy lately, the snow day was really nice. Here are some pics from Hannah's birthday party at Jump Extreme in Weatherford. Riley Jane had a blast!! Jumping, climbing, cake, singing Happy Birthday (favorite song)... Ibim was trooper. He is getting so big! He's finally turned into a hip-baby so that makes life better for him. I pretty much carry him around the house all day until he falls asleep. We are both very happy about that. Today he slept from 9-10:30, 12:45-1:30 and went to bed around 5:30...good little baby. He still wakes up a couple times at night but goes right back to sleep after feedings and sleeps until 8am.

The snow just kept coming today and has finally stopped at 8:15pm. Supposedly it's the most snow we've ever had here! You'll notice the pics of Riley Jane with snow up to her knees!!! She loved playing in the snow. Our snow day activities included making breakfast, doing lots of puzzles, playing in the snow, water painting, playing "Pink-a-boo" and "Goo-Goo-Ga-Ga" w/ Ibie, folding clothes, changing diapers, refilling sippy cups, baking banana bread, reading "Snow Day" "Birdie's New Shoes" and "Trucktown" about a million times, dusting, tea party!!, vacuuming, nursing, taking toys back to Riley's room, mopping, sewing the dress, making lunch for everyone, pretending, head stands, making snacks, making dinner and drinking 2 pots of dark roast coffee. I love staying home all day. I'm kind of weird like that. These kind of days are fun for me.

Also, I've included pics of the bag I sewed this weekend while the kids were both napping. It was an easy tutorial found here. I used some old pjs and the lining of an old dress. It's very basic so don't get too excited. I'm a beginner. Riley likes to carry her books and suckers around in it. I made one of those pillowcase dresses today and I'm almost finished so I'll post pics of that when I'm done. It's fun to make stuff.

Pics from Hannah's bday party:

Not the best pic of me...but Ibie is always cute!

Riley and Hannah

Is that the Happy Birthdays song I hear?

And after the song....YAAAAAAYY!!!!!!!


Emily and Hannah are always sooo sweet to Riley Jane and William. And they're cute.


  1. great bag and love the photos of RJ in the snow! It's still raining here at 11:42PM!! It's certainly the most snow I've ever seen in Texas -

  2. Oh my gosh, Becky - he looks so much like your dad! Sounds like you had a fun day, whew!

  3. Oh- I like the purse- and the skinny minny mama behind it- can ell you're working out!! Anyway, Ibie is such a combo of you and Billy- crazy!! He's adorable. Love R's face for Happy Bday song! Rebes wants to know why she wasn't invited to the, 6000 miles is why. I'm sure if we were there, they'd love us ad invite us!